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Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

As an EPCM-contractor, we perform engineering, procurement and construction management services for our clients. We provide engineering services that include the studies, the drawings and the bill of material. The construction management embraces the provision of the  scope of work for the subcontractors, the construction monitoring and the construction quality management.
For the procurement services, we support you on the selection of the main suppliers by advising on the most appropriate material for the project.

These different phases can be implemented in early development stage such as pre-working phase.


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Our Services

Project Development
  • Grid Impact Study
  • Soil Study
  • Energy Cield Analysis & PR calculation
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Plant Layout
  • Storm Water Management Study
  • Earthing and Lightning Study / Report
  • Gather Requirement from Insurance for Security System
System Design
  • Component Selection
  • Component Qualification
  • Detailed Plant Layout incl. Detailed Design and Optimization
  • DC- and AC-cable calculation
  • Security System Design
  • Bill of Material
  • Scope of Work for Subcontractors
  • Component Spec. Issued for Purchase
  • System Design Issued for Construction
  • System Design Review
  • As Build Documentation 
Grid Connection
  • Grid Feed-In Calculation
  • Design Grid Connection
  • Grid Connection Support 
  • Supply of QC procedures and templates
  • Construction Management Lead
  • Construction Management Civil
  • Construction Management Electrical
  • Construction Monitoring



  • Commissioning Management
  • Commisioning of Monitoring System 
Operations & Maintenance
  • O&M contract
  • Consulting O&M Concept 
  • Main Components
  • Consulting Purchase